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Why should I hire you?

When I first meet with clients, something I am sometimes asked is, "why should I hire a designer and not go with a design/build company?" Great question! There are several reasons an independent designer just may be the perfect route for you.

The first is that you aren't tied to one contractor from the beginning of the project and this gives you flexibility to find the right builder when the time comes. Contractors often have their own specialities, be it in design, material choices, and communication styles. While you are designing your landscape, it helps to work with a person who can be free of those confines, giving you a wider range for your planning and in the details of your design. For example, I have some clients who prefer modern design and then those who lean towards a more traditional path. As a trained professional who has studied all styles of design, I am happy to meet the client with the appropriate response in the direction they want to go.

Another reason to break from the design/build model is the freedom you have after your design process is complete when you are looking for the right builder. My clients needs vary after they have their master plan in hand and we move on to "Phase 2". In this phase I have flexibility as to how I can be of service. Some clients, who have a preferred contractor, take their plans to them and have their outdoor spaces constructed. Other clients have never been through this process before and would like help in finding and selecting a contractor. And still others would like an extra set of eyes on their project all the way through the build process. By not being tied to a specific contractor from the beginning, you are offered more flexibility in this phase for your project.

Costs also vary wildly and many of my clients prefer to get several bids on their project before they pick the company they want to work with. By allowing the contractors to bid off of the same master plan, it gives the client an opportunity to get an "apples to apples" bid and pick a contractor based on what is most important to them, either by price, connection to the builder, vision for the project, timeline, or a combination of those.

Additionally, some people find that working with a designer as opposed to a larger company gives them a more personal and streamlined experience and process. At Wagner Design Group, you are working with one person from start to finish, and that way nothing gets left out in the process as far as communication, sharing of ideas, and putting those ideas on paper. You often get more personal attention and don't have the option to get shifted around in a company.

The most important thing in finding someone to work with is that you both have a connection to your vision and trust that that person can help you bring that to life. It is my ultimate pleasure to help clients with that task, and I would love to help you as well!

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